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Lean Six Sigma Businesses-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Chattanooga

The Lean Six Sigma industry has moved from manufacturing alone to other areas in the USA, such as: healthcare, education, finances, retail, hospitality, and more. Since it started in America in the 1980s, LSS doesn’t stop in its growth. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Chattanooga High School Students of Tennessee, we have seen its evolution. We are always excited to share our knowledge and findings, so more companies and individuals decide to join the party.

If you’re unsure about what to do or how you can use the method to improve your business and personal life, it’s common to look at the industry in which you work and how the methodology’s industry has grown as well.

This will help you see how you can benefit from continuous improvement, a hallmark of career advancement.

First, we must mention that Six Sigma is a combination of 6 Sigma and Lean and that the principles, as well as structures and goals of both methodologies, have influenced the current one or more like the main method we’re considering today.

Many of the principles and goals of LSS are also based on Japanese ideologies and methods, such as Kaizen. This focuses on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. 

Six Sigma and Lean are two of the most important aspects of the industry that many people overlook when trying to understand and just stick to the basics. However, it is fair to say that combining these two methods helped increase performance and satisfaction. Although LSS is not a mere combination, it is a fair introduction for anyone new to the industry. 

Lean Six Sigma is a way to reduce wasteful activities. Practitioners and individuals need to adapt the principles and structure of Lean Six Sigma to their industry to get the desired results if they don’t want to follow the structure or examples that were used in manufacturing, as LSS was born to assist in this area alone back in the 80s.

Understanding the industry and its methodology is not difficult. It’s as simple as taking the time to examine a couple of facts throughout the years.

How Did Lean & Six Sigma Introduce LSS?

Let’s first understand Lean. It is a unique approach that has seen its peak since industrialization began. It helps to improve every process by reducing waste and focusing only on the essentials.

Businesses have been using Lean principles since then to improve productivity, meet customer demand, and improve their bottom line.

Six Sigma, which is also known for continuous improvement, waste reduction, and growth, was the second method that made LSS possible. It brings the DMAIC structure, which aims to identify all problems, measure data and, analyze it, then improve and control each element.

Six Sigma can improve manufacturing but can also be used to improve every part of a project or cycle as long as the basics of the structure are followed. This is why professionals and students find Six Sigma useful and not just for the commercial aspects of their work.

Lean Six Sigma is the result of combining the best of both methods while adding new value. This was how the LSS industry grew in the 1980s since companies started to value the usage of better products and services.

Why Do People Want to Access Lean Six Sigma Training?

Or, the right question should be: how are people using the methodology in other industries?

After all, the fact that more companies and individuals are seeking training because of how they can grow and remain competitive in any industry is not a secret anymore.

People don’t usually know how others are achieving those goals with the methodology alone.

Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Chattanooga

Put simply, it is about customization, personal skills, and how the methodology is about continuous improvement for companies, but, in the end, the person learning all the values, details, and structures is the one with all the valuable information that can make improvement possible.

In other words, individuals learned that this methodology could be used in other areas of their lives if they utilized their knowledge and skills acquired during training properly and based on a project’s or industry’s needs.

This is why education and healthcare, in particular, have gotten great results in reducing steps and waste and ensuring everyone is more efficient while giving each individual more tools for personal growth.

At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Chattanooga, we want everyone to have this opportunity. This is why we are here if you want to be included in those making the LSS industry grow.